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Letter to our readers

Dear Reader,

Since the launch of Espace MicroCaps in March 2014, the project has evolved a lot. Aaron Lanni, co-founder, left to become a financial analyst at Medici, where he is making his mark for the quality of his research and analyzes, while Mathieu Martin joined the project. Self-taught and ambitious, he learned quickly how to invest profitably in the most unappreciated companies of the stock market, microcaps, without any training in accounting or finance. As you can see, active investment can be mastered, provided you have access to the best resources to learn and you have irreproachable work ethic and discipline.

Since the start, Espace MicroCaps’ mission has always been to build a community of passionate microcap investors and share our research and due diligence on the most promising stocks. We improvised a lot, tested different strategies, sometimes we lost focus, but we never forgot our original goal. All the trials and errors of the past few years, our good and bad investments, the networking activities and discussions on the forum, by email or phone made Mathieu and I better investors and allowed us to connect in some way with each and everyone of you.

After taking the time to reflect on the future of this blog, we are convinced and motivated more than ever to accomplish our mission: help you improve your knowledge and investment skills, expand your network and grow your stock portfolio*. We are working on several initiatives, some of which I cannot immediately share with you, which should greatly improve the quality of our content. Without limiting ourselves, we will:

1- Aggregate and translate for our french readers content from the best microcap resources available;

2- Share inspiring interviews with smart investors;

3- Introduce a new format for our networking events;

4- Share our research and due diligence on our portfolio positions or on our watch list;

5- And much more!

We are hoping you will be among our loyal readers and we are looking forward to discuss with you in our networking events.


Philippe Bergeron-Bélanger – Founder of Espace MicroCaps


*Legal disclaimer

Espace MicroCaps (« EspaceMC », « We ») is an electronic publication targeted towards independent investors, containing the opinions of our contributors on financial information, including, but not limited to, information on publicly traded companies and the stock market (« information »). The information is presented by EspaceMC on our website (the « website »), and can also be based on information supplied by third parties.

The information presented by EspaceMC is for informational purposes only. All articles and commentaries on the website are the result of an independent analysis and, even though we have made efforts in this regard, we cannot guarantee that the information is accurate and complete. The companies mentioned on the website are not responsible for the information that is presented. All information is subject to change, without notice, and EspaceMC is not responsible for updating the information contained on its website. The information presented on the website is not destined to be, and does not constitute a sales offer nor solicitation of an offer to buy financial investments. Investors should consult their financial advisor before making any investment decisions concerning the companies mentioned on the website. The contributors may buy and sell the stocks of these companies.