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Ackroo Inc. (AKR.V) – Q3 2016 and Preliminary FY 2016 Update

Ackroo Inc. (TSX Venture: AKR) recently released its preliminary FY 2016 financial results and announced a new promising partnership with the lubricants division of a large Canadian petroleum provider. 2017 should be a very exciting year for this tiny gift card and loyalty solutions provider.


  • On October 31, 2016, Ackroo reported its Q3 2016 financial results which showed an 8% growth in revenue over last year’s.
  • Ackroo’s working capital position was strengthened with the closing of a $1M private placement in November 2016.
  • On January 16, 2016, Ackroo announced preliminary revenue of $2.254M and $586K in FY and Q4 2016 respectively.
  • Ackroo is now fully integrated with i-Lube POS platform as part of a new channel initiative with Petro-Canada’s lubricant division.
  • We have updated our forecasts and increased our price target to 49 cents.

Q3 2016 and Preliminary FY 2016 Update20170215 – Espace MicroCaps – AKR – Q3 2016 and Preliminary FY 2016 Update

Disclosure: Philippe and Mathieu own shares of Ackroo Inc. Full disclosure available on page 7 of our update.



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