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GIVEAWAY – Espace MicroCaps X Hardbacon

With the holiday season approaching quickly, Espace MicroCaps, in collaboration with Hardbacon, is pleased to give away 8 individual versions of “Not another boring course about investing” (total value of 800$!), an online course for anyone wishing to learn the basics of investing in the stock market, regardless of their level of knowledge.

At Espace MicroCaps, education has always been at the core of our mission. By publishing educational content on the blog and by organizing networking events with speakers, our goal is to help our readers improve their knowledge and investment skills. We believe that a thriving community of Québec stock market investors contributes to spreading good investment ideas and ultimately helps build everyone’s portfolios.

Hardbacon is on a mission to turn investing in the stock market a simple and profitable process for everyone. To achieve that, the fintech start-up is developing a mobile app that will allow anyone to invest on the stock market without getting lost. On its website, the company helps Canadians pick robo-advisors and brokerages (among other financial services) through its easy-to-use comparators. Finally, Hardbacon educates Canadians about investment through various initiatives such as an online course, an online magazine, a newsletter and an encyclopedia.

Given that Espace MicroCaps and Hardbacon share a common mission of contributing to the financial education of Canadians, this collaboration came naturally.


”Not another boring course about investing” – What is it?

In this 5-hour online course, Hardbacon will teach you everything you need to know to become a self-reliant investor… even if you’re a total beginner managing your money. ”Not another boring course about investing” will teach you about money, money, money: from budgeting to building an investment portfolio that will kickstart your dreams.

The course will touch on the following subjects:

  • Section 1: Making more than you spend
  • Section 2: The stock market – A great investment opportunity
  • Section 3: Getting started as an investor
  • Section 4: Investing in stocks
  • Section 5: Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Section 6: Making investments that matter
  • Section 7: Financial planning
  • Section 8: Investment strategies

Each lesson is taught by a professional in his field such as an accountant, a finance teacher, a financial planner, a financial analyst, etc. As its name suggests, the course promises to be anything but boring! The course is worth $100 per person.


Giveaway – How to participate?

There are two very simple steps to qualify for a chance to win one of the eight (8) licenses of ”Not another boring course about investing”, worth $100 each:

  1. Like our Facebook post about the giveaway
  2. Comment on the Facebook post and tell us why you would like to win

If you want to help us spread the word, please share the post and tag your friends who would benefit from a free investment course!

The giveaway will end at 8:59PM (Eastern time) on Wednesday, December 13th 2018.

Best of luck to all!

Mathieu and Philippe