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Espace MicroCaps 5to7 Cocktail – February Event

Espace MicroCaps is glad to invite you to its 5to7 Cocktail – February Event, which will take place at Bier Markt Montreal on Wednesday, February 28 at 5:00pm. Our events are the perfect occasion to improve your investing skills, discover new investment opportunities in the Canadian microcap space and network with likeminded investors.

The event will showcase three public companies in very different industries:  Kraken Robotics (TSX Venture: PNG) in marine technology and underwater robotic systems, Viemed Healthcare (TSX Venture: VMD) in respiratory care services and OneSoft Solutions (TSX Venture: OSS) in AI/machine learning applied to the oil & gas pipeline industry. The evening will end with a short bonus presentation from Sharebee, a private technology company based in Montreal.

Where: Bier Markt Montreal, 1221 René-Lévesque W, Montreal

When: Wednesday, February 28 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Cost: 5$ / All of the ticket sales proceeds will be given to Prosper Canada, a national charity dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for Canadians living in poverty through program and policy innovation.

The first 75 participants to register and to show up at the event before 5:30pm will receive a $10 coupon for a free drink of their choice. No coupons will be given after 5:30pm. A poutine bar will be offered to all attendees and appetizers will be served during the cocktail as well.

To reserve your spot: Eventbrite – Espace MicroCaps 5to7 Cocktail

We hand-picked the presenting companies based on the attractiveness of their business model, market opportunity and fundamentals.


Kraken Robotics Inc. (TSX Venture : PNG)

About: Kraken Robotics is a marine technology company, founded in 2012, that is dedicated to the production and sale of software-centric sensors and underwater robotic systems. The company’s product offering encompasses sonars, towed vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), software systems and many other marine components. Kraken’s hardware and software systems are generally sold to large organizations such as governments, defense contractors and offshore oil & gas companies. The company is headquartered in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Opportunity: Kraken is tackling a multi-billion-dollar market that is expected to grow considerably over the next few years. The company’s cutting-edge technology has been getting more and more validation in the marketplace, as Kraken announced new orders and partnerships at a healthy pace over the last few months. There are currently over $100M worth of requests for proposal (RFPs) on which the company has bid and is awaiting an answer. At only ~$16M market capitalization, we could well be in the early innings of a large commercial success!


Viemed Healthcare Inc. (TSX Venture : VMD)

About: Viemed, through its indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries Sleep Management, L.L.C. and Home Sleep Delivered, L.L.C., is a participating Medicare durable medical equipment supplier that provides post-acute respiratory care services in the United States. Sleep Management, L.L.C. focuses on disease management and improving the quality of life for respiratory patients through clinical excellence, education and technology. Its service offerings are based on effective home treatment with respiratory care practitioners providing therapy and counseling to patients in their homes using cutting edge technology. Home Sleep Delivered focuses on providing in-home sleep testing for sleep apnea sufferers.

Opportunity: Viemed is a spin-off from Patient Home Monitoring (TSX Venture: PHM), a transaction that took place on December 22nd, 2017. Viemed (formerly Sleep Management) was acquired by PHM in 2015 during a time when PHM did many acquisitions, some of which were poor quality and incorrectly integrated. Ultimately, PHM ran into trouble and promoted Viemed’s co-founder and CEO Casey Hoyt to the whole conglomerate’s CEO position. Hoyt eventually decided to spin off Viemed, which was very successful, and run that business independently. Based on traditional valuation metrics, Viemed’s stock appears very cheap. The reasons are possibly the lack of investor interest due to the previous PHM meltdown, the longer than expected delays to get the spin-off done, and a lack of investor relations / marketing since the transaction was completed. If the company’s financial performance keeps improving, it should become hard for investors to ignore it!


OneSoft Solutions Inc. (TSX Venture : OSS)

About: OneSoft’s business strategy is to seek opportunities to convert legacy business software applications that are historically cumbersome to deploy and costly to operate, to a more cost-efficient subscription-based (SaaS) business model utilizing the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform and Services, with accessibility through any internet capable device. The company’s operating subsidiary, OneBridge, develops and markets revolutionary new SaaS solutions that use data science and Machine Learning and predictive analytics applied to big data for the Oil & Gas pipeline industry, which assists operators to predict pipeline failures and thereby save lives, protect the environment, reduce operational costs and address regulatory compliance requirements.

Opportunity: OneSoft ramped up commercial efforts for its solutions in 2017 and was able to land two important customers. With its large sales pipeline (no pun intended), management estimates that the company should reach cash flow breakeven sometimes in 2018. OneSoft has a lot going for it, notably a unique software offering and deep industry expertise, partnerships with Microsoft and Phillips66 (large US pipeline operator) and a very scalable business model. 2018 could well be a breakout year for OneSoft!


Bonus presentation: Sharebee (Private company)

About: Founded in August 2016 and based in Montreal, Sharebee allows individuals and businesses to list or rent unused storage and parking spaces. With more than 2,000 locations, Sharebee is Canada’s leader for proposing or reserving a space that suits all types of needs.

Opportunity: We have known Sharebee’s CEO, Maxime Villemure, for a few years and are very happy to showcase his company, which is growing extremely quickly. The company is currently private, something a bit unusual for our cocktail events. Sharebee is currently contemplating the possibility of doing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The presentation is for informative purposes only and does not represent an offer to sell nor solicitation.


Get off to a great start in 2018 by attending our first 5to7 cocktail, which will showcase three outstanding investment opportunities. We look forward to seeing many of you on February 28! Again, to book your ticket, please click here.

See you soon!

Philippe and Mathieu



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The main objective of the 5to7 Cocktail events that we hold on a regular basis is to allow very small companies to present their products and services and to tell their story to a new investing public.

Each company that will present at the event will pay Espace MicroCaps an amount of $2,000 + taxes. This amount is used to cover the cost of drinks and hors d’oeuvres offered during the meeting and to compensate Espace MicroCaps for the efforts related to the organization of the meeting.

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