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Top 5 Gift Ideas For An Investment Enthusiast – 2020 Edition


I recently rediscovered an article I wrote in 2015 on my top 5 gift ideas for an investment enthusiast at the time.

Unfortunately, many of the recommendations are no longer very current. So I decided to make a new edition for 2020.

I encourage you to share the article with your loved ones if you like the ideas!



1. A Book (a classic that hasn’t gone out of style since 2015!)

Price: $20-40

Books are one of the best ways to learn about investing for both beginners and seasoned investors. Here are my favorite books in different categories:


2. A Subscription To Hardbacon Premium

Price: $99.99 for one year

Hardbacon is a personal finance and investing app. Hardbacon’s goal is to help you make better financial decisions. The app allows you to link your bank accounts and your investment accounts to obtain a complete picture of your financial situation.

The basic version, offered free of charge, provides statistics on your expenses and income, allows you to make a budget, and view the history of your banking transactions.

The Premium version, on the other hand, is aimed at investors with performance reports, portfolio scores, visualization of your asset allocation, advanced financial data and more.

Hardbacon is an excellent tool for someone who is just starting and wants to take control of their personal finances.


3. A Ledger Nano S Crypto Hardware Wallet

Price: $79 on

For new cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the Ledger Nano S is a simple, efficient, and affordable device. The Nano S is a physical hardware wallet that allows you to send and receive cryptocurrencies conveniently and securely. While investor’s appetite for cryptocurrencies has come back in force in recent months, this is an exciting time to consider getting started.

I personally use the Ledger Nano S and love how easy it is to use!


4. A Subscription To MicroCapClub

Price: US $497 for one year

The MicroCapClub forum is an exclusive place where sophisticated investors discuss hundreds of microcap companies. New members must submit a detailed investment thesis and be approved by most existing members to gain access to the forum. Historically, only 18% of people who have applied to the club have gained access. The content found there is exceptional.

Besides the regular membership, the MicroCapClub also offers a paid subscription at US $497 per year for those who don’t want to submit an investment thesis and attempt to be voted in. The subscription does not allow posting on the forum but provides access to all the content in a read-only mode. A treasure trove of information!


5. A Bronze Bust Of Warren Buffett Or Charlie Munger

Price: US $1,299 on Berkshire Nerds


Who isn’t dreaming of researching a company while the Oracle of Omaha sits on your desk?

These busts are the ultimate gift for any Berkshire Hathaway lovers! Do I really need to say more?

On behalf of the Espace MicroCaps team of contributors, I wish you a happy holiday season. 2020 hasn’t been easy for many people, so let’s hope that 2021 will have some great surprises in store for us and some exceptional new opportunities!