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Espace MicroCaps Spring 5to7 Cocktail

Espace MicroCaps is glad to invite you to its Spring 2019 5to7 cocktail! The event will take place at Bier Markt Montreal on Wednesday, May 29th at 5:00pm. Our events are the perfect occasion to improve your investing skills, discover new investment opportunities in the Canadian microcap space and network with like-minded investors.

The event will showcase three companies that have been hand-picked for the attractiveness of their fundamentals and long-term potential: Urbanimmersive (TSX Venture: UI), Mobi724 Global Solutions (TSX Venture: MOS) and Circa Enterprises (TSX Venture: CTO). Please note that some presentations will be in French.

Where: Bier Markt Montreal, 1221 René-Lévesque W, Montreal

When: Wednesday, May 29th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Cost: 5$ / All of the ticket sales proceeds will be given to charity.

Format: Networking period until 5:40pm, followed by the three company presentations. You are welcome to stay for more networking after the presentations at 7:00pm.

The first 75 participants to register and to show up at the event before 5:40pm will receive a 10$ coupon for a free drink of their choice. No coupons will be given after 5:40pm. A poutine bar will be offered to all attendees and appetizers will be served during the cocktail as well.

To reserve your spot: Eventbrite – Espace MicroCaps 5to7 Cocktail – Spring 2019


Urbanimmersive (TSX Venture: UI)

About: Urbanimmersive is a content provider marketplace for real estate professionals. The Company connects real estate professionals, photographers and writers in order to simplify and optimize original content production workflow. Urbanimmersive enables its customers to leverage their marketing investment while increasing productivity, competitiveness, web visibility, consumer engagement with their brand and ultimately, their revenue.

Opportunity: In September 2018, Urbanimmersive closed a transformative acquisition by buying its largest competitor in the US, Tourbuzz. The combined platforms now list over 1700 real estate professionals and Urbanimmersive is on its way to process over $1 million per month in gross merchant volume. With profitability just around the corner and tons of opportunities for more growth, Urbanimmersive will be a stock to watch this year!


Mobi724 Global Solutions (TSX Venture: MOS)

About: Mobi724, a global Fintech company, offers a fully integrated suite of multiple Card-Linked Offers and Rewards, Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence and Payment Solutions, which work with any payment card, on any mobile device and at any Point of Sale. Mobi724 provides turn-key solutions for card associations, card issuers, banks, retailers, manufacturers, offer providers, to create, manage, deliver and track and measure incentive campaigns worldwide in real time. The company captures value from big data to deliver seamless and personalized user experiences for the benefits of all parties in the ecosystem. Mobi724 headquarters are in Montreal, Canada, and the company presently has operations in North and Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific.

Opportunity: The largest potential for Mobi724 lies in its Card-Linked Offers and Rewards platform, which is commercialized in partnership with Visa in Latin America. With signs of early traction, we can start seeing a path to significant revenue growth and expansion into new markets for the company. By reducing operating costs and recently announcing the sale of its loyalty-based contracts to Ackroo, Mobi724’s renewed focus on scaling up its fintech business seems like the right move. The coming quarters will definitely be worth watching as Mobi724 executes!


Circa Enterprises (TSX Venture: CTO)

About: Circa Enterprises is a manufacturer of equipment for the telecommunication, electrical utility, and construction industries. The company operates two business segments: Telecommunications and Metals. The Telecom segment, based in Calgary, Alberta, consists of surge protection products, ruggedized high-performance telecommunications equipment and computer cables and related connectivity products. The Metals segment, based in Vaughan, Ontario, consists of enclosures, pole line hardware and other products sold to the Canadian electrical industry.

Opportunity: Circa is the kind of undervalued, undiscovered microcap companies we like to find. The company is trading a little below its tangible book value, is growing, profitable and trading at a P/E multiple of less than 8 based on 2018 results. On top of that, management made an acquisition in mid-2017 that is expected to contribute meaningfully to growth going forward. Both value and GARP investors will certainly like Circa!


We are very excited about the company lineup for this event. As you will see in the disclosure below, the Rivemont MicroCap Fund owns shares in all three companies. We are very optimistic about their prospects and we hope you will be too!

Again, to book a ticket, please click here.

We hope to see many of you on May 29th!

Philippe and Mathieu



Espace MicroCaps is under contract with Rivemont Investments (“Rivemont”) to provide securities and strategy analysis for the Rivemont MicroCap Fund (the “Fund”). In other words, Espace MicroCaps acts as external expert/consultant for the Fund. In return for this expertise, Espace MicroCaps is remunerated by Rivemont.

Decisions as to whether or not to trade a security for the Fund are made exclusively by Rivemont.

For full disclosure and transparency, regarding the companies that will present at our 5to7 Cocktail – Spring 2019 or that were mentioned in this article, the Fund:

  • Holds securities of Urbanimmersive (UI.V), Mobi724 Global Solutions (MOS.V), Circa Enterprises (CTO.V) and Ackroo (AKR.V). The Fund may acquire more or dispose of these securities in the future.

The main objective of the 5to7 Cocktail events that we hold on a regular basis is to allow very small companies to present their products and services and to tell their story to a new investing public.

Each company that will present at the event will pay Espace MicroCaps an amount of $2,000 + taxes. This amount is used to cover the cost of drinks and hors d’oeuvres offered during the event and to compensate Espace MicroCaps for the efforts related to the organization of the event.

Company presentations are neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to purchase securities and should not be considered legal, tax, financial or investment advice.

Espace MicroCaps is not responsible for direct or indirect trading losses caused by the information presented by companies at the event. Everyone is advised to make their own analyses and inquiries and to consult their own professional advisers with respect to legal, tax, accounting and other matters relating to the acquisition, holding or disposition of an investment.