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Philippe Bergeron-Belanger

President | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn

In 2011, Philippe started graduate studies in Corporate Finance at University of Sherbrooke which help him obtain a job at Travelers Canada as a financial analyst. In August 2014, after working at Travelers for almost two years, he left to become a full time stock market investor and to manage the nascent Espace MicroCaps community. Active since 2013, he managed to grow his small base of capital at high rates thanks to a fortunate mix of luck, intuition and work. A lot of work.

In his opinion, the microcap space is the perfect hunting ground to exploit market inefficiencies. He believes that he can realize superior returns in the market thanks to an informational (in-depth market research and due diligence) and temporal (long-term investment horizon) edge.

Philippe has set himself a very ambitious goal: Reach 1,000,000$ in is TFSA account by 2023. He sometimes blogs about that, and other stuff.


Mathieu Martin

Vice-President | Website | LinkedIn

At age 24, having a decent amount of savings, Mathieu was looking for an investment strategy that would allow him to stand out and grow his portfolio in a meaningful way. It didn’t take long for him to discover the micro-capitalization (‘’microcap’’) sector. Being a self-learner, he spent the next five years reading books about investing, taking online classes, attending conferences and testing his ideas on the ground by putting his own money at risk.

More than twenty investing conferences, three hundred meetings with company executives and fifty blog posts later, he has multiplied the value of his TFSA by more than four times in less than four years. He also acts as a consultant and analyst for the Rivemont MicroCap Fund. Finally, he passed all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Program and may be awarded the charter upon completion of the required work experience.

Mathieu believes that every person has the potential to invest successfully in microcaps if they really commit to it. His mission is to help people like you educate themselves, improve their skills and grow their savings.

Ian Cassel

Contributor | Twitter | Website

Ian is a full-time microcap investor. He is also the founder of MicroCapClub, MicroCap Leadership Summit, and co-founder of Intelligent Fanatics Project. Ian started investing as a teenager and learned from losing his money over and over again. Today he is a full-time private investor that supports himself and his family by investing in microcaps. Microcap companies are the smallest public companies that exist, representing 48% of all public companies in North America. Berkshire Hathaway, Wal-Mart, Amgen, Netflix, and many others started as small microcap companies. Ian’s belief is the key to outsized returns is finding great companies early because all great companies started as small companies.

Paul Andreola

Contributor | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn

Paul Andreola is the editor of the investment newsletter SmallCap Discoveries. Paul has honed his skills from 30 years of varied smallcap experience.He has been the co-founder of two public companies and CEO and director of another—all three in the technology space. He also helped raise the initial funding for each. This experience gives him an important view when he is interviewing management for newsletter stock picks. He knows the pitfalls and mistakes that management teams must avoid. Paul also spent 10 years as a retail stockbroker, again focusing exclusively on smallcaps. He knows the capital structures that work and don’t work in the microcap space.

Paul’s goal is to be first in identifying smallcap growth stocks before they are discovered by the broader market. That involves hours of exhaustive fundamental research, and then drawing on a tight network of experienced and senior contacts. He understands the intricacies of the public markets and the challenges smallcap companies face.

When he is not scanning quarterly reports, Paul can be found playing with one of his four children.

Sean Iddings

Contributor | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn

Sean is the co-founder of Intelligent Fanatics Project, a MicroCapClub member and founder of investment advisor Unconventional Capital Wisdom. Since beginning his investment journey in college, his edge is focusing on the often overlooked human component of building a successful business. He invests in people, not business plans. Certain traits have been present in almost all great founders, or intelligent fanatics. Sean believes that these traits are identifiable early in a business’s history as a microcap.

Brandon Mackie

Contributor | Twitter | Website

Brandon is a prolific investor, writer, and entrepreneur. He is currently the lead writer and researcher at Smallcap Discoveries, a paid newsletter focused on discovering Canada’s best emerging growth companies. Brandon is also the co-founder of Keto Farms, a U.S.-based food startup.

Brandon is a chemical engineer by training and got his start working in the oil business. It was there he got the investing bug — and began writing the Moatology blog in his free time. That blog took Warren Buffett’s competitive “moat” framework and applied it to microcaps. An early reader of that blog was Paul Andreola, who later became Brandon’s partner at Smallcap Discoveries.

Brandon’s investing style is all about the discovery process — invest early on in discovery and sell to institutions much later in the process. His method includes manually checking filings daily and conducting frequent management meetings. Smallcap Discoveries seeks to buy growth at truly unreasonably (low) prices!

Brandon resides in Los Angeles and when not reading filings, can be found surfing and mixing music.

Maj Soueidan

Contributor | Twitter | Website

Maj Soueidan, Co-Founder of GeoInvesting LLC, has decades of experience in identifying undervalued microcap equities. GeoInvesting LLC, founded in 2008, is an investment research boutique focused on finding great investments in the small and microcap companies.

Starting with just $3,000 during college, Maj quickly turned that initial money into his first $1 million by the age of 27. He has been able to help hundreds of investors gain Alpha by managing risk, reducing the potential investment space to a manageable level and sharing his research on under-followed stocks that have yet to be found by the broader market. Maj has been recognized for his successful application of information arbitrage in microcap stocks. An information arbitrage exists when a disconnect between stock prices and available public information on a company is noticeable, and monetarily worth pursuing. Maj has made it a focus to discover these information arbitrage opportunities through in depth research.

Travis Wiedower

Contributor | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn

Travis Wiedower manages a small investment firm, Wiedower Capital, and runs the investing blog, Egregiously Cheap. He focuses on small companies with durable business models that are led by shareholder friendly managers. Travis started investing during his years of playing poker full-time. At that time investing was just a side hobby, but it quickly grew into an obsession. Outside of investing, Travis enjoys traveling, boating, and playing backgammon.

Mike Schellinger

Contributor | Twitter | Website | LinkedIn

Mike has two decades of investing experience primarily in micro caps. He became a full-time private investor and trader in 2006 after his investing hobby became more profitable than his corporate job managing the development of software for cellular telephones. His specialty is in finding rapidly growing, profitable micro caps that are extremely undervalued and unknown. He spends most of his day turning over every rock he can find to locate those hidden gems. Mike is also a partner in the MicroCap Club.

Brandon Chow

Contributor | Website | LinkedIn

Brandon Chow is everything you’d imagine a financially savvy millennial to be. He’s a seasoned entrepreneur who enjoys his freedom, autonomy, and has strong values. Full-time, he is fighting climate change in a high impact role at Xebec Adsorption (TSX-V : XBC). Before, Brandon started several businesses in the IT hosting and web analytics industries. A six-figure exit in high school provided proceeds to pay for his tuition and invest in microcaps.

As the creator of The YOLO Fund, Brandon educates and inspires millennials to invest. Drawing from his experiences, he hopes to teach people how to achieve their version of “YOLO”.

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