Philippe Bergeron-Belanger |

Important Change at Espace MicroCaps

Dear members of the Espace MicroCaps community,

It’s been a while since I have written an article for this blog, so please excuse my rusty writing. With that said, I am not coming back to entertain you on my TFSA challenge or to present my most recent best investment idea, but rather to announce a piece of important personal news.

Mathieu has been running the Espace MicroCaps blog for several years now and with remarkable brilliance. Together, we have worked very hard to create a community of DIY microcap investors in Quebec, which is active on our forum and in our networking events (unfortunately on pause due to COVID-19). It is with great pride that I look at the results of our work in the last few years and … * drum roll * … I tell myself that I can leave with my head held high.

Yes, you read that right, and no, this is not a goodbye. I intend to remain active as a member of the Espace Microcaps community, but I quit 100% of my duties and responsibilities within MicroCaps Research Canada Inc. (“MRC”), the company holding the Espace MicroCaps blog and acting as a consultant for the Rivemont MicroCap Fund.

This decision, announced in mid-February to Mathieu, as well as Jean and Martin at Rivemont Investments, had been well-though-out for several months. I will be candid with you, although your education as a DIY investor and/or the success of your investments at Rivemont is very close to my heart, after more than five years as a full-time investor and more than two years as a consultant for the Rivemont MicroCap Fund, I felt the need to take up new challenges.

Over the years, I have experienced and tasted what entrepreneurial success feels like by investing alongside inspiring entrepreneurs. I would now like to live this wonderful experience myself by contributing to the growth of a technological company both as an employee and shareholder. Unfortunately, in the context of MRC’s involvement with the Rivemont MicroCap Fund, it would have been difficult to take up this challenge without partially diverting my focus away from the Fund or placing myself in a position of conflict of interest with the Fund’s investors.

Now that my departure is official… To all of you, I say: Thank you!

Thank you for making the Espace MicroCaps community what it is: a place full of ideas and collaboration between passionate investors. The forum, which allows ideas to take shape, to be tested and corroborated by the research of its members, is an invaluable resource for all, whether they be beginners or seasoned investors.

I must admit that I am excited to​​ be able to contribute again to the community without the regulatory requirements with which I had to comply as a consultant for the Rivemont MicroCap Fund.

So, I will meet you on the forum (and eventually at Espace MicroCaps networking cocktails) to discuss my decision in more detail, to tell you about my future projects, but above all to perpetuate the Espace MicroCaps mission:

To search, find and invest in the most promising public companies in Quebec and Canada.

Long live Espace MicroCaps!